Management, exploitation and communication activities

Description This work package is divided into management, exploitation and communication activities related to the MISTRAL project. The main objective of the management arm is to ensure smooth and timely development of the project. The coordinator will provide support to all consortium partners regarding reporting, administrative issues, legal and financial aspects, etc. A project management handbook summarizes all knowledge required to ensure good management of the MISTRAL project. Exploitation, to be led by the coordinator, supported by a specialist intellectual property (IP) consultancy firm, will focus initially on the freedom-to-operate of the products expected to emerge from the project. Each MISTRAL partner will be required to inform the exploitation and dissemination committee about potentially patentable innovations so that necessary action can be taken. The methodology for evaluating patentability potential will cover the development of exploitation, business and project management plans and the provision of technical and administrative assistance to partners. Communication will focus on the design, development and ongoing updating of the MISTRAL website with public results and deliverables, together with news, agendas, events and articles about the project and its results by MISTRAL partners. Also to be implemented are co-creation/Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)/Open Science and Open Innovation (OS/OI) initiatives to increase the social impact of MISTRAL. Two full-day training workshops will be held to promote a transformation in research and innovation (R&I) processes. Following these workshops, further meetings will be organized with MISTRAL partners to evaluate their processes and ensure they fulfil RRI criteria. Objectives Management:
  • To create a system that ensures constant project monitoring and ongoing evaluation and feedback.
  • To create and maintain a structure that ensures effective coordination.
  • To define and implement an effective IP strategy that ensures future exploitation.
  • To define exploitation, business and project management plans
  • To assess the cost-effectiveness of therapeutic/stratification approaches
  • To raise public awareness of MISTRAL.
  • To disseminate project results to relevant stakeholders.
  • To promote the transformation of R&I processes – through RRI, OS/OI and co-creation approaches – to ensure R&I is more open, inclusive and transdisciplinary and better considers different stakeholder needs, with the ultimate aim of increasing the social impact of R&I.
  • To provide MISTRAL researchers and associated stakeholders with RRI and OS/OI training  in the form of workshops and with periodic evaluation and feedback.
  • To facilitate co-creation events aimed at exploring R&I priorities for future projects sharing common goals with MISTRAL.


Emory University IrsiCaixa IHU Méditerranée Infection CHIP – Centre of Excellence for Health, Immunity and Infections (RegionH) IDIBAPS ISGlobal Barcelona Institute for Global Health Asphalion SL