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Interview: Kristina Broliden studies the large quantity of bacterial proteins of the microbiome

By May 7, 2024NEWS

What’s your role within the MISTRAL project?

My name is Kristina Broliden and I am the coordinator of the clinical and experimental data from the proteomics part of the MISTAL project.

What are the main objectives and methodologies employed by your team?

The primary goal of our team is to study function properties of the microbiome and determine how this relates to health in individuals living with HIV. We work across several work packages in the mistral project by developing mass spectrometry and computational techniques which allow us to examine bacterial proteins in the microbiome.

How are bacterial proteins influencing responses in individuals with HIV?

Bacterial proteins interact with the gut mucosa and can affect inflammation and immunity. Preliminary findings from collaborative studies indicate that the microbial proteome is associated with improved vaccines responses against HIV. Moving forward we hope to identify proteins that play a crucial role in boosting or affecting immune responses which are essential for health and disease in people living with HIV.

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