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The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2020

By June 27, 2020March 23rd, 2023NEWS

The internationally recognized conference brought together 172 scientists to discuss the microbiome and immunity


The sixth edition of the well established Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome  brought together numerous prestigious speakers and a large audience. Organized by IrsiCaixa and coordinated by FLS Science for Friday 26 and Saturday 27 June 2020, the event attracted 172 scientists. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic required both format and content to be adapted to webcasting and to a special focus on the microbiome, immunity and resistance to infection.

The programme included roundtable discussions on immunomodulation, the microbiome, non-communicable diseases, microbiome-wide association studies and “missing microbes”. Leading-edge scientists shared their new insights, including IrsiCaixa researcher and MISTRAL coordinator, Roger Paredes, who stressed the importance of linking immune system functioning with gut microbiota patterns. Spaces were also available for participants to work on different aspects of the complex interactions between human cells and the microorganisms that inhabit the human body.

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